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ESR blood test tubes

Collection : Consumables

Brand : Nanchang Ganda

Quality certification : CE, ISO 13485

Sediment blood test tube ESR: sterile test tube, used 1 time, used for diagnosis and treatment, use blood test to measure red blood cell count
Size and volume characteristics of test tubes
• Product name: ESR blood test tube
• Pipe material: PET plastic
• Color: black
• Size: 13 x 75mm
• Standard blood capacity: 2ml
Packing specifications: 1800 tubes / carton, equivalent to 100 tubes / tray, 18 trays / carton
Test tube characteristics ESR
The ESR test tube has a black lid, the product has its own logo Medaz and has been licensed by the Ministry of Health.
How to use ESR test tubes
The blood is taken with vacuum butterfly needles, attached with a butterfly needle with a fast needle holder, thanks to the vacuum in the tube, the blood is gently sucked into the test tube with the correct blood volume of the manufacturer, after Store in a suitable temperature environment.



The test tube method is superior to taking blood with a Cylinder. Compared with the traditional method of taking blood with a cylinder, taking blood with vacuum tubes has advantages such as:

The tube is made from primary PET plastic, ensuring cleanliness and durability, inside the tube has added active ingredients for each test.

All tubes are sterile by radiation.

The tubes are encoded with cap color and the label corresponds to the type of active substance inside.

Plastic cap with rubber membrane allows the needle to penetrate the blood without opening the lid.

Each tube is vacuumed correctly to ensure accurate blood collection.

Blood is taken directly into the vacuum tube (blood is not exposed to air).

Just insert the needle into the patient's vein once only.

The tube automatically absorbs the correct amount of blood. Blood quality is guaranteed because of immediate contact with the additive in the tube. (Retrieved by Cylinder must use withdrawal operations to feel more sensitive).

Does not cause pain to patients. Safe for technicians and nurses.

This helps ensure an accurate mixing ratio with the active ingredients added to the tube

before. Because blood is sucked into an exact amount.

Reduce the risk of harm to blood cells (red blood cells).

Shorten the time for pre-analysis steps and increase the effectiveness of medical examination and treatment