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Edta test tube K3

Collection : Consumables

Brand : Nanchang Ganda

Quality certification : CE, ISO 13485

Product name: EDTA test tube
Test tube Edta is directly imported and distributed by Medaz Vietnam and used in many laboratories, large and small hospitals for hematology testing, using Edta anticoagulant with standard concentration. to keep blood cells, especially platelets, in a separate state for up to 6-8 hours.

EDTA test tube characteristics

EDTA antifreeze test tube has a purple lid, the product has its own logo Medaz and has been licensed by the Ministry of Health.

How to use EDTA test tubes

The blood is taken with vacuum butterfly needles, attached with a butterfly needle with a fast needle holder, thanks to the vacuum in the tube, the blood is gently sucked into the inner wall of the test tube with the correct blood volume of the manufacturer, then store in a suitable temperature environment.

Size and volume characteristics of test tubes

Product Name: EDTA Mouthpiece
Chemicals: EDTA-K3
Pipe material: PP plastic
Color: Purple
Technical characteristics: 13 x 75mm
Standard blood capacity: 2ml
Packing specifications: 1800 tubes / carton, equivalent to 100 tubes / tray, 18 trays / carton.


Function: - Chemicals: EDTA-K2, EDTA-K3

- Manufacturer: Nachang China

- Pipe material: PP plastic

- Technical specifications: 13 x 75mm - Standard blood capacity: 2ml